Excalibur Crossbow Micro R.E.D.S 7008

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Make your Micro whisper quiet by installing the Recoil Energy Dissipation System (R.E.D.S). The tried and true R.E.D.S will reduce shock, vibration and noise while ensuring longer string life without reducing velocity. They are strategically positioned to bear the brunt of the strings follow thru to dissipate recoil energy and reduce shock, vibration, and noise. The R.E.D.S pads can be rotated occasionally to ensure maximum string and pad life.

Sound Suppression System
Greatly reduces noise
Greatly Reduces Recoil
Ensure maximum string and pad life
Recoil Energy Dissipation System


Manufacturer: Excalibur
Model: 7008
UPC: 626192070081

Weight 1.0 lbs


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