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10 Must-have Camping Accessories

When the time comes to start packing for a camping trip, there’s a good chance you’re looking at a list of equipment options as long as your arm. There are countless different varieties of tents, a range of different camping fridges and an unlimited number of lighting solutions so you won’t be the only one who’s getting confused.

The good news is that a large number of the items you find online aren’t essential and don’t really need to be packed for your next trip.

Let’s take a look over our ten must-have camping accessories and why you’ll want to take them with you the next time you head off to camp.

A Suitable Tent

After a long day of traveling in the car, a few hours of hiking, you’ll of course, want to relax and take a load off. And what better way to do that, then relax in a camping tent. We suggest investing in a multi-room tent or a family size tent so that there is plenty of extra space for relaxation as well as a designated sleeping area. Don’t forget to choose one that is waterproof and bug-proof too.



One commonly overlooked camping must-haves are seats and chairs. Sure, there’s the option of really becoming one with nature and sitting down on a log or rock, but to take your camping comfort to the next level, invest in some folding camping chairs. It’s a good idea to opt for a chair that’s easy to fold and also has cup holders as you might want to relax with a drink without needing to put them in the dirt.


Sun Protection

We can be sure that no one wants to come home from camping with burnt skin that stings and peels. Be sure to remedy this issue before you set off camping, by packing many long sleeve shirts, plenty of sunscreen as well as a hat. To really protect your skin, you might also want to consider tinted tents, rather than clear variants to block out the sun.


First Aid Equipment

In line with protection from the sun, you’ll also want to make sure any cuts, scrapes or bites can be dealt with, at the campsite. Take with you a fully equipped first aid kit that can be stored in the car. You will have peace of mind if anything happens or if there is an accident, that you are fully prepared and are able to help to the best you can.


A Generator

A must-have camping item that is all too frequently overlooked is the inverter generator. As one of the most essential items for surviving camping, a generator can be used to charge your phone, power a laptop for movies and run the stove and lights at nighttime! If you want to get the most out of your camping trip, there’s no better way to do this than with a suitable generator by your side.


Small Tools

The chances are that during your time camping you’ll need to cut some wood, get kindling or fix something that may have broken, and therefore you should have some small tools with you. Bring along a Swiss army knife, a hammer, screwdriver and an axe or saw and you’ll be all set.


Lighting Solutions

There’s nothing worse than creeping through the dark to grab a drink or go to the bathroom. This is why campsite lighting is essential. The best kind of camping lights are the solar generated lights. Set these on makeshift footpaths around your campsite and also around your tent during the day, so when it hits nightfall, there is light when you want to play a game of cards or tell spooky stories.


A Sleeping Bag or Tent Mattress

If you know someone who goes camping on a regular basis, then you will have most likely heard of the frustration that comes from sleeping on a rock, a stick or a hard surface. This brings us to our next must-have, an ultra-soft and padded sleeping bad or a thick tent mattress. It’s a little piece of luxury that will significantly improve your comfort and overall camping trip.


An Esky or Fridge

If you’ve packed perishable foods such as butter, eggs or any meats with you or would like to keep your drinks cold rather than at room temperature, then bringing an Esky or a fridge is essential. You can fill an Esky with ice before you leave or power the fridge with your generator and you’ll have no trouble at all keeping everything nice and cold.


A Washing Up Tub

A multi-use tub should always make its way to camp. Serving as a multi-purpose tool, it can be used for washing dishes, keeping muddy or dirty feet out of the tent, or even using it as a shower bucket. Consider taking a few of these tubs with you, and you’ll be able to keep your dishes clean, shower easier and make sure no dirty hands and feet make their way into the tent.


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